Giardini Naxos

Naxos was the first Greek colony in Sicily. It was founded by a small group of Calcydeses in 734 B.C.

When the Syracusans destroyed Naxos towards the end of IV century, its inhabitants moved to the near Mount Tauro founding Tauromenion, the actual Taormina. In the course of time, though, the old Naxos was brought back to life by a few locals, mostly fishermen, and is now one of the most popular seaside resort through all Sicily.

Naxos' artistic and archaeologic heritage is really worth a visit.

Highlights in Giardini Naxos

Giaridni Naxos Beach

On the sea front you can admire a sculpture named "The man and the sea" dedicated to sailors and their bravery in confronting the sea and its dangers, and celebrating the seafaring traditions of Naxos' inhabitants.
Another symbol of Naxos is the bronze statue of Silenus, born from God Pan and a nymph.

Museum and Archaeological Park

The municipal museum displays pieces dating back to various times, from pre-history to V century B.C. Next to the museum, you can find the Archaeological Park, displaying remnants of the ancient lava stone city walls and pieces coming from a few temples.

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