Capo d'Orlando

It's a small town spreading on the omonymous promontory, characterized by a thick deep green vegetation and by cliffs and stacks. The sea in front of it is dark crystal blue and abounding with fish, and from everywhere in town you can enjoy the sight of the fascinating Aeolian Islands.

Capo d'Orlando's beach is one of the most beautiful along the Thyrrenian coast of Sicily. According to the tradition, it was Charlemagne to give the place its name, a tribute to one of his famous paladins.

Sanctuary of the Virgin - Capo d'Orlando The greatest attraction in Capo d'Orlando is the sea, but the Lighthouse deserves a visit, together with the Sanctuary of the Virgin, matron of the town, and the Castle, vestiges of its ancient medieval origins.


Seen from above, the former Greek colony of Tyndaris looks like a big dragon fallen asleep, with the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna on top of his head. The Sanctuary, visible even from a long distance, hosts the venerable statue of the Madonna of Tindari, a fascinating and mysterious black Virgin with child, arrived from Syria or Egypt during the iconoclastic phase of Christianity. The statue has been worshipped for centuries both for its religious and aesthetic value.

Black Madonna of Tindari

Underneath the Sanctuary you can admire the little lakes of Marinello, whose origin has been explained with a legend. In unknown times a little girl, fallen from above because of her mother's unbelief in the Virgin, was miracolously saved by the sudden retreating of waters. From then on, one of the lakes took the shape of a veiled figure in which people wants to see the Black Madonna of Tindari.

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