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A holiday in Sicily can be a unique experience, but what can makes it truly unforgettable?
Here at Charms of Sicily we provide you a guide to the best villas all over the island, with a special focus on Taormina.

Every part of Sicily though has its own charm, its peculiar features and its secrets. This is why we have joined forces with a specialist for Sicily villas for rent : Scent of Sicily.
Scent of Sicily is specialized in hand-picked villas: their team travels across the island to find the best locations, the most famous beaches and the most charming villas in Sicily with pool.
Visiting the website you’ll immediately notice how refined and yet vast their catalogues is, and we’re sure you’ll easily find the accommodation that best suits your needs and desires.

On the other hand, if you fancy spending an unforgettable and comfortable vacation in Eastern Sicily, you will certainly be excited by the gorgeous villas in Taormina of Le Case del Principe: a Sicilian aristocratic family has brought an old farmhouse back to his ancient splendour restoring its charm and traditional look, and is now using it as a complex of luxury villas for rent.

All the villas have been renovated and provided with a swimming-pool and a garden, therefore you will spend a wonderful holiday in this heavenly corner of Sicily. The Eastern region of the island features some astonishing views, such as the breath-taking Greek-Roman theatre of Taormina, Alcantara Gorges with their fascinating atmosphere, The Etna volcano with its charming colours, Giardini Naxos and its splendid beaches, Bronte with its colourful landscape and excellent pistachios.

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